ALUMNI-Talks: Bio G. C. Sabidare of LimitlessLife Lab on March 30th

AIESEC Alumni Asia Middle East Africa (MEA) Presents:  Your Life Limitations Exist Only in Your Mind: You Created Them and You Can Delete Them, with Bio G.C. Sabidare
Tuesday, March 30th, 19:00 GMT - Click here to register.

Bio G. C. Sabidare describes himself as a happy spiritual being in an exciting human experience by nature, bold Beninese by birth, positive pan-Africanist by heart, and persistent global citizen by choice.

In 2020, this TEDxSpeaker and Limitless Life Coach helped his coaching clients in the US, Europe, Asia, and Africa to be more resilient amidst the Covid-19 outbreak, realign with their life purpose & passion, discover the joy of working remotely, and uplift their relationships.

He is currently serving as Ambassador of Mindvalley's Evercoach program, and recently launched an e-learning company with two of his friends from the US & India: Limitless Life Lab, a global platform where anyone can come to understand one's limits, discover the tools, techniques, and processes to remove these limitations in order to live the life of one's full potential and impact.
Bio is an Organizational Sociologist and HR Executive, who has worked with TATA Consultancy Services Ltd where he was a Recruitment Specialist for young international talents. He advises non-profit organizations like AIESEC as part of his various activities.

Bio is a Trained Specialist in Human Resource Management by Carlson School Of Business, University of Minnesota, USA, Chief People Officer certified (AIESEC, Montreal, Canada), Certified Life Purpose Life Coach (Transformation Services Inc, USA), and Exponential Coach for High Achievers Certification (Mindvalley, Malaysia & USA)


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