Virtual European Congress V – E – Co

 Save the date and the agenda. AIESEC Alumni Europe is organizing and hosting the next Virtual European Congress (V – E – Co).

The event is taking place on May 15, 2021. It’s a free online event opened to all AIESECers and AIESEC Alumni.

Don’t hesitate to register and join it. For more information about the speakers and the agenda, please follow the link below:




Meet the speakers here:



Meet Alumni Talk speaker at V-E-Co: Alex Glod

Alex is a Senior Trainer, 3-times TEDx Speaker & Udemy Instructor. In the past 9 years, he has trained over 3,000 people in Public Speaking, Storytelling and Drawing and has taught over 33,000 students on Udemy. He teaches leaders, entrepreneurs and educators to tell powerful stories and deliver memorable learning experiences. He’s known for his energetic style of teaching with a dash of humor that leaves everyone feeling empowered! His favorite quote: “You can have all the skills in the world but if you don't know how to talk about them, nobody will ever care".







Meet Alumni Talk speaker at V-E-Co: Diana Severati

Diana is a crowdfunding trainer and consultant. She helps people and organizations to raise money for sustainability-oriented projects to create a positive impact. She is a member of the AAE communication and a mentor for an incubated entity in Benin with the AIESECpreneurs project by theSpace.







Meet Alumni Talk speaker at V-E-Co: Jan Kysely

Jan is a B2B marketing expert, consultant and trainer with a focus on social media - especially LinkedIn, B2B sales and marketing automation. In 2017, he co-founded sales and consulting company FUTURE SALES that helps clients digitize their sales process. He is co-author of the first Czech book on Social Selling, which was released in July 2019. Jan used to be in AIESEC from 2010 till 2014. He finished as MC VP Business Development in AIESEC Czech Republic.





Agenda of the event 




Agenda explaination  


Our virtual host country will be Italy and so in „Italy in Sketches“, „Italian Food and its meaning for the culture“ and „Cocktail Quarters“ we will celebrate the Italian culture and learn more about it. We will provide a grocery shopping list and recipes beforehand, so you can fully enjoy the food and drinks with explanations from our Italian alumni.

Speeddating: meet AIESECers from different countries, generations, backgrounds and broaden your network - you will meet 5 new people. If you hit it off, please connect for a longer chat, a walk&talk and connect on social media.

Alumni Talks: in our May edition, we will talk about Tools for business - be curious about our speakers and how the tools can improve your business and meetings.

AIESEC MC Panels: We invited four MC members from different countries to hear first hand about the current situation in the countries, what programs they run and what plans they make for the post-Covid world. Learn also how you can support youth AIESEC.

Living Sustainably Game: How sustainable are you? How good is your knowledge about sustainability? Learn more in this fun game on - the winner will receive a sustainable dental care kit.

Leisure, Skills, Hobbies: the speed dating was not enough time to discuss topics? You want to propose a topic and find like-minded people to talk it through? This Coffee talk styled session will give you the chance. Choose a topic and we will assign you a breakout room.

Party, games & music: You have not yet enough? Join us for a game, a roll call or some music & chat. Volunteer hosts welcome!





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