Meet Bunchful... The Team - has 3 AIESECers on it. 
Nermeen, Zee and Dana 
The three of us met in Turkey in 2002 and had traineeships together in Istanbul at various companies. 
Bunchful is a company that is all about giving.  Check out our awards on Nov. 17, 2021
Strategy Adviser, London
Zeenat is an international strategy & campaigns expert, who has worked in a number of countries over the past two decades. Most recently, as Head of Communications at the British Embassy in Moscow, she led on developing people-to-people connections. She has previously served (as a diplomat) in Iraq, New York, India and Hong Kong. She has also been seconded as a communications advisor to the governments of Turkey and Kosovo. As a consultant, she has worked on EU and UNDP projects. She is currently London-based, working on human rights and diversity issues.
Event Planning Adviser, Dubai
Nermeen Negm is a senior business development, marketing, and communications professional with over 18 years of experience in the Middle East and North Africa. Having worked in sustainable developments, shopping malls and luxury fashion retail, advertising, and the telecommunication industries, she developed a passion for conceptualizing and executing events and marketing campaigns that build memorable brands.

Nermeen has extensive experience in organizing events for high-level government officials to enhance corporate positioning and media relationship management. This includes developing strategic initiatives, communications plans and story ideas, press and marketing materials, as well as meticulous project management for event execution.

Nermeen is passionate about supporting the realization of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals in every capacity. She is currently the Senior Business Development and Marketing Manager of Masdar City in the United Arab Emirates, one of the world’s most sustainable urban communities founded on the philosophy of urban development based on the three pillars of economic, social, and environmental sustainability.
Dana Humphrey is a Life Coach and Death Doula at She is also an advisory beachhead for NZTE, owner of Whitegate PR, partner at the NYC Retails and Sales Pet Expo and she is "The Pet Lady." Humphrey is also a marketing course instructor for entrepreneurs and professor and enjoys life as a cat mama to Chance and Sassy and lives in Rockaway Park, on the beach in Queens, NY. 

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