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Internship Team Summer 2020

Alumni Summer Internship Program for AIESEC Students

With exchange completely halted due to the global pandemic, AIESEC US needed to think fast, so AIESEC Life collaborated with AIESEC US to launch our first-ever Summer Internship Program. We asked alumni to help provide meaningful work experience for AIESECers and collectively we raised 49 jobs! Over 70 students signed up for our special Student Summer Internship Membership, and those who were successfully matched to jobs, are now experiencing virtual work assignments across a variety of industries. We are so grateful to our alumni community who supported this initiative and who are benefiting from the impact of that support.  Talented, smart, and future global leaders are now contributing to their businesses. We expect to offer this program next summer and we might even see AIESEC virtual exchanges created year-round, in many different countries. Here are a few quotes from some of our grateful summer internship participants. 

"The AIESEC Life internship program is a wonderful initiative that has provided an opportunity to enjoy the international mindset and creative spirit of our four AIESEC interns who have supported the development and launch of key global projects this summer." -- Dr. Karina R. Jensen, Founder and Executive Director, Global Minds Network

“I’ve been working on the Think Tank Team with Walter Jankowski for his consulting business and it’s been amazing. I was employed as a communications intern but have had the opportunity to be a project manager for many of his clients. I’ve learned many impressive marketing strategies and important practices in consulting and entrepreneurship. It’s fulfilling to be a part of something that truly represents youth leadership and am so grateful that I had this opportunity." --Elizabeth Onibokun, AIESEC UCLA

"AIESEC has been a thread in the fabric of my life and I remain close to a large group of AIESECers from San Jose State University since the 1980s. It is those friendships and the mentorship we received as youth, that shaped my early career decisions. Working with AIESEC interns this year has reminded me what an important role they play in the future of our world. Our women interns are smart, responsible, and critical thinkers, who understand the complexity of a global society and the importance of contributing to an inclusive world that works for everyone." -- Ellen Lewis, Director, Ethos of Engagement Consulting Group

Check out Manadé Sok Hean's (AIESEC San Jose) blog, Summer Internship in a Pandemic Crisis: A Light in the Darkness to read about her internship experience at Global Minds Network.  

Introducing AIESEC US MC Team 2020-21
and the 1st Virtual Summer National Conference (SNC) 

AIESEC US MC Team 2020-2021

Like many organizations, the AIESEC US MC team, led by MCP Renée Osaigbovo, had to reduce their team size. To provide relevant support to the LCs, each MCVP has a team of AIESECers from the US and internationally working in part-time, volunteer director positions. The 2020-21 MC team will focus on:

  • Retaining current partners in Incoming Global Talent (iGT) for operations to hopefully restart in January 
  • LC Development: train the current and next generation of AIESEC US leaders
  • LC Engagement: retain membership in the fall with virtual touchpoints and calls to action (e.g. promote local volunteering and encouraging Executive Board members to find opportunities in their own communities)

SNC was held online from August 1-5.  Over 100 delegates from LC Executive Boards across the US participated in sessions covering a multitude of topics such as transition and operations in our new context, along with keynote presentations from Microsoft and these generous alumni:

  • Michelle Levesque: A Career Path to the UN
  • Walter Jankowski: Networking In & Out of AIESEC
  • Thu-Hong Nguyen: Creating Diverse & Inclusive Teams
  • Natalie Rodgers, Chris Gassman, and Herb Behrstock: Leading your LC with Purpose to Unlock Motivation

A fun virtual gala night was held and to keep the national conference spirit alive, eight delegates and AIESEC DC (George Washington University) were honored with participation and engagement awards.

A Letter from MC Team 1987-88
to MC Team 2020-21

AIESEC US National Committee 1987-88: Today and Then

Dear Renee and MC 2020-21 team,
In the spring of 1988, the National Committee team was together in our NYC office, and during a team lunch in our conference room, we got to chatting about who we thought would be getting married first. Without exception, everyone said that I would be the first to marry. I didn’t agree which then set off a discussion and jokes about taking bets. There had to be rules given the crew that we were and from that conversation, the “AIESEC-US NC87-88 Marriage Fund” was established. We drew up a contract, printed it on pink and green paper (because everything was pink and green at that time), and signed it on April 26, 1988.  

Fast forward and here we are. I am the only member of the team who never got married. Ha - they were all wrong! Team member Dani Dycus finally had her mom close out the bank account that was kept in Chesterton, IN, and sent the funds to me - a total of $2,007.75. As the “winner” and in accordance with rule #6, I attempted to corral the team to get together for a party but that was like herding cats. The last time we discussed it was in 2016 when the suggestion to donate the money to a “worthy cause” was floated but never settled on. 

It is now 2020 and we finally figured out that there is no time like the present to put these funds to good use. We know that giving it to AIESEC-US serves a much better purpose than buying booze for this group of knuckleheads. We hope this gift helps and wish you the best of luck as you begin your year. One day when you look back at your MC year, we hope that you will have a smile on your face and still giggle about the antics the way we all still do. In the spirit of friendly competition, we "challenge" other MCs to make their own team contributions.  

Michelle Levesque - VP Finance and the 1987-88 team:  
Lori (Nishura) Mackenzie– NCP, Tom Gooley – RVP West, Cindy Wessinger – RVP Northeast, Ray Kemper – RVP South, Danielle Dycus – RVP Central, Larry Drury – VP Exchange, Kim (Cesena) Motogawa – National Leadership Seminar (NLS) OCP

Virtual Sessions Fall 2020

  • Successful Projects: Tips and Best Practices for Running and Being on a Successful Project Team with Walter Jankowski - August 26th at 2:00 pm PT
  • Leadership in a New Era with Kathleen Schafer of The Human Being Store - September 22nd at 2:00 pm PT
  • AIESEC US Update with LC Board of Advisors - Open Forum - November 10th at 5:00 pm PT
  • Practicing True Allyship & Deconstructing Racism in the US: Continuation of our Open Discussion with Peter Kovacs and Karin Johnson
  • The Art of Communication and Conducting Team Energy with Don Hahn, legendary Disney Animation producer, author and documentary filmmaker
  • How to Stay Resilient During these Insane Times with Pascale Brady, the Challenge Coach©

Keep checking our website for confirmed dates for these virtual sessions lead by alumni and special guest speakers.

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