AIESEC Alumni Asia Pacific's First Regional A-Talk with Jennifer McMahon September 20, 2020

Building Your Purposeful Network with Jennifer McMahon, Founder and Head of Purpose, Modern People

Imagine a network of passionate and authentically motivated people, whose Purpose is to positively contribute to your dreams and aspirations. That is invaluable.

Sun, 20 September 2020
2:00 AM – 3:00 AM PDT

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Founder of Modern People and The Modern Day Woman Movement, Jennifer McMahon has a strong passion for connecting organizations to their purpose and values in everyday life. Having operated a National Human Resources company across Melbourne and Perth with a workforce of 100+, Jennifer understands the challenges leaders face in aligning values and purpose in organizations while maintaining peak performing teams. A career in the "people industry" for over fifteen years has taken Jennifer further across the globe to consult and coach thousands of senior executives and leaders.

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