A couple of AIESEC Alumni and supporters were very instrumental in supporting the visit of Emil Viklicky’s Euro Jazz Trio performance on Sunday, June 28th at the Kopleff Recital Hall in Atlanta, GA. Jerry Allison (AIESEC US board member) and Eric Joyner (AIESEC Georgia State board member) each donated towards the event.  AIESEC members from all three Atlanta LCs were in attendance including UPS trainees. At least 4 alumni were in attendance: Cristina Lara, Bior Bropleh, Borbi Bropleh and Benedict Murunga.


(Bior Bropleh with LC UGA members, UPS Interns and Emil Viklicky’s Euro Jazz Trio)




(Emil Viklicky’s Euro Jazz Trio with special guest Gwen Hughes)




(Euro Jazz Trio with guests Gwen Hughes and the Ruby Reds Jazz Band)





(Bior Bropleh, Marty Martin of Ruby Reds, and Borbi Bropleh)









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