This past month AIESEC Life Atlanta had the very great privilege to attend the AIESEC Regional Southeast conference in Alpharetta!

Over 20 AIESEC Alumni spanning 3 generations took part in a lunch sponsored by AIESEC Life, as well as helped to lead sessions for over a hundred AIESECers in attendance from major schools including UGA, Georgia Tech, Miami, UNC and App State.

Students appreciated the opportunity to connect with and learn from AIESECers from across the world and the country, as well as how AIESEC prepared us for our current professional lives. Alumni loved the chance to re-live their AIESEC experience and connect with Alumni and students in an informal, unique and interactive event.

Please look forward to more emails and updates from your local AIESEC Life team over the next few weeks!

Thanks for your support,
AIESEC Life Atlanta







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