May 2012: AIESEC Life Atlanta Explores the Evolution of Communication

The AIESEC Life Hub in Atlanta had its first event on April 24th on the topic of "The Evolution of Communication in Business”.  Michal Flood (Georgia Tech ’97) and Drew Evangelista (Georiga Tech ’97) did an excellent job presenting the topic to 20 attendees.  They gave a timeline reaching all the way back to the beginning of recorded time and showed how communication evolved along with business throughout those years.

As a new hub and a new steering committee, the AIESEC Life Atlanta group decided that they needed a kick-off event that could bring students, alumni, trainees and BOA members together in an informal setting to meet and discuss a relevant current topic: how has Communication evolved in the past 10, 15, 20, 100 years. The discussion was led by Michal Flood and Drew Evangelista, both alumni with a deep and broad background in the communications industry, with a collective 25 years working for Fortune 100 telecom companies.

Thanks to our efforts, we were able to bring 25-30 people including current AIESECers from Georgia Tech, UGA and Georgia State university, trainees from Mexico and Brazil, as well as alumni from a dozen LCs. The attendees, young and old, deeply appreciated the perspective of alumni who've been in an organization run on the idea of effective communication to deliver quality international experiences over 40 years and in 100 different countries.

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Following are pictures of the event.

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