Spring Event at Stanford University

AIESEC Life held its Spring event at Stanford University, thanks to alumnus, Drew Klein (who got the room and space gratis!).  The group had time to mingle, have some refreshments and share stories over an Italian dinner. 

Adam Lichtenheld, alum from AIESEC Madison, shared his incredible AIESEC experiences though out the world (Africa, the Middle East, Malaysia - just to name a few) and how it helped shape his professional and personal life.  He commented that his current circle of close-knit friends are from his initial AIESEC days; the ties formed over a decade ago are just as strong today.

AIESEC San Jose, VP, Michelle Li and AIESEC Davis VP, Kartik Sharma, provided an update on how their respective LCs have been doing since the beginning of the year.  Both LCs have a large number of members and have a healthy number of trainees (7-12+).  They are looking forward to building relationships with alumni and are excited for the upcoming Summer National Conference (in SJ) and to other AIESEC Life events planned for the summer.  The hub steering committee is also grateful to Asahi Matsubara and Daniel Huynh, for helping with the registration, setup and clean up - we couldn't have done it without you!

Lastly, it was great to see several new faces at their first AIESEC Life Bay Area event including: Tyler Almeida (SLO), Haley Gross (SLO), Lili Hall (Brazil), Elizabeth Iman (Peru), Adam Lichtenheld (Madison), Soren Sudhof (Yale), and Michael Williams (Madison).

Thanks to the newcomers and the alumni who continue to support the Bay Area hub (Thierry Doyen, Nancy Gharib, Jason Hall, Drew Klein, Peter Kovacs, David Lo, and Susan Obuchowski) - you made the event very special!

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