February 2015

A select group of alumni, their guests and AIESEC students were treated to an exclusive VIP tour of the Tesla factory in Fremont.

The group got to experience the inside workings of the world famous electric car manufacturer.  Everything is made inside the Tesla factory, from the aluminum frame to the batteries to the steering wheels.  We got to travel throughout the 2.5 mile factory, which was shockingly pristine and filled with robots of all sizes.  Employees travel around the expansive factory via bicycles, not electric cars or carts (much smaller and cheaper!)

After the very interesting tour, those over 25 were able to test drive the Model S sedan along the back roads of Fremont and highway 880.  Some even went to hyper speed to see if the Tesla can really get to 60 MPH in 3 seconds...  the answer, a huge YES!

Our thanks to our Factory Tour Hosts (the two Adams) and to Dan, the Sales Manager to organized all the test drives.  See more photos in the Tesla Tour Album.

Look out for another opportunity later this year for another group to experience the inner workings of Tesla.




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