April 2014: Alumni Explore the Cal Academy By Night...

And show off their moves!
By Sophie Bousset, San Jose '11

It was a sunny, breezy evening in San Francisco, possibly the nicest weather we have had in a while, and perfect for enjoying the dying sun as the first few of our 15+ AIESEC alumni gathered outside the California Academy of Sciences in beautiful Golden Gate Park Thursday, April 17. 

Some guests enjoying the "Dance Party Nite" at Cal Academy.

Pictured above L to R, back row: Charles Ojes (South Africa), Gabor Fogarasi (Hungary), Dora Bodo (Hungary), Daryl Capanzana (Phillipines), Sophie Bousset (SJ). Front row: Cao Phuong (Vietnam), Sol Woo Kim (Purdue), Gabor's wife Nora, Amanda Bullington (George Washington), and in the center Kayla Gomes (San Diego). Other guests not pictured: Drew Klein (Yale), Sruti Raghavan (SJ), Ashley Brackmann (SJ), Queeny Lu (SJ), and Adriana Perez (SJ).

We enjoyed everything the museum had to offer, from regular daytime exhibits like the earthquake room (where you get just a glimpse into what the 1906 and 1989 San Francisco earthquakes felt like) and fun children's games showing how Pangea tore apart to create the continents as we know them now; to the mysterious underground aquarium where children and adults alike watch rays, sharks and giant fish swim overhead.

We took a break to refuel with the kitchen's delectable Chinese buns, slow-simmered and stews and delicate pastries, and even snuck in a quick visit to say hi to Claude, the albino alligator, but the real attraction were the dance lessons and modern dance performances scattered throughout the museum... Everything from belly dancing lessons, to vogue, to rockabilly, to a very stirring modern dance performance in the main hall everyone gravitated to as if pulled by magnets. Plus, at $12 a ticket, we saved $18 on regular day time admission and could splurge on a cocktail or two to get us dancing!

Well, we enjoyed almost everything. We'll have to come back next time to wander through the rain forest and sit back and enjoy a show in the Planetarium, but we had so much fun we have a feeling it won't be hard to get everyone to come out again!

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