AIESEC Life behind the scenes at TESLA Motorsby Edith Gong, San Jose '86

On April 10, AIESEC Life Bay Area hosted an exclusive, private tour for members at TESLA Motors where attendees got to take the Model S for a test drive (amazingly fast acceleration!) and tour the high tech production facility where all Teslas are made.

The tour covered 1.5 miles of assembly lines, stamping machines, welding, painting and most unusually the hurricane booth that each Model S is put in for testing before delivery to customers.

It was great seeing some new alumni who haven't been to an event in a while (or were first time attendees), including: Joe Fletcher, Heidi Dickert, and Steve Valerie. Of course the goal was also to solicit TN referrals for AIESEC and to share some great AIESEC stories. Diane-Duerr Levine and Michael Hansen also enjoyed seeing the Tesla's up close - wouldn't you?

Comments from attendees:
"Thank you so much for arranging this. Recommend doing again as it is so outstanding in demonstrating the changes in manufacturing and magnificent results from superb engineering...will be buying a Tesla as my next new car."

"we had so much fun yesterday¦when I FINALLY sell my minivan¦might get a Tesla¦was so fun to drive!!!!"

Special thanks to Thierry Doyen (AIESEC Belgium and Bay Area steering committee member) and Mike Taylor, AIESEC Alum and current VP Finance at TESLA for arranging the tour. And a thank you to Renee Courington (AIESEC Alabama) for being the AIESEC Life host and sheparding the group through Tesla.

Stay tuned, we're likely to have another private tour in the Fall!


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