Feb 2014: Lively Memories at First Bay Area ALUMNites of 2014


(Back: David Lo, Klarence OuYang, Thierry Doyen, Michael Paim, Peter Kovacs, Jason Sidhu. Front: Dariusz Paczuski, Drew Klein, Katie Sassaman, Daryl Capanzana, Edith Gong)


By Edith Gong, SJ '86

Our first Bay Area ALUMNite for 2014 was lively and entertaining. We gathered in historic downtown Sunnyvale at Tarragon on Murphy Avenue which is full of restaurants, bars and clubs, where alumni shared some of their most memorable conference, seminar or Congress stories (note memorable was self-defined!) We had alumni from three different countries (Philippines, Belgium, Canada) and transplants from other US cities (Chicago, New Haven, Long Beach). While each alumnus was from a different LC, many stories shared the same theme of work hard and play hard - there was fun, sheer embarrassment, excitement, and cultural exchanges.

In attendance were some new faces including Dariusz Paczuski and Daryl Capanzana. The group also had a deeper discussion of when and why AIESEC alumni give back and how they might choose to help. That was a more complex issue, but there was speculation that participation and the needs of alumni are dependent on where alumni are in their careers (and lives in general, family, children, etc), their level of responsibility within their organizations and their ability to influence senior management. All concluded however, that there are opportunities for alumni to utilize the AIESEC Life network for career advice, mentoring and building relationships (GROW your network) and to provide introductions to organizations for traineeship referrals (SHARE your network).

What's your opinion? And are you willing share your network or do you need to grow it?

If you missed this ALUMNite, we hope you'll join us at our next Alumni Event on March 1 in San Jose, hosted in conjunction with Western Spring RoKs!

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