Nov 2013: Bay Area Alums Enjoy Scavenger Hunt on Treasure Island

Great views, historic site, wine tasting, bocce ball - great fun by all!
By Sophie Bousset (San Jose '11)

Over 40 AIESEC alumni, current members from San Jose and Davis, plus trainees and guests all had a blast searching for clues all over San Francisco's Treasure Island to find a delicious treat at the end of the scavenger hunt put on by AIESEC Life Bay Area leaders Edith Gong and Thierry Doyen Sunday November 3, 2013. Many first time visitors to Treasure Island explored the historic site while searching for fun, yet sometimes obscure, Treasure Island spots such as the Firefighting Training Academy, the ports WW2 water craft landed and departed from, or a mysterious zoo comprised of concrete animals.

Participants were delighted to discover bocce ball, treats and wine tasting by Vie Winery to reward all their hard work and celebrated Thierry's birthday with delicious carrot cake. He may have been born on the 4th in Belgium, but it was the 3rd in the States!

Thanks again to all who came for making this a success, and especially to Edith and Thierry for throwing us such a great event!

Alumni, trainees, LC members and friends included (not all were able to stay for the picture): Kevin Ashley, Jimmy Au (Hong Kong), Sophie Bousset (San Jose), Nicolas Doyen (Davis LCP), Thierry Doyen (Belgium), Christopher Fan (Berkeley), Steven Ganz, Matt Greenburg, Cze Ying Goh (Davis), Edith Gong (San Jose), Jennifer Hansen, Michael Hansen (Denmark), Kevin Ho (Yale), Michael Jaiko (San Jose), Tuseet Jha (San Jose), Stefanie Karwoski (Georgia), Drew Klein (Yale), Rochelle Kopp (Yale), Abe & Mona Koussa (San Jose), Amie Lam (San Jose LCP), Renee & David Lo (San Jose), Jasmine Lok (Davis), Jason Hall (Madison), Sylvia Nguy (San Jose), Cynthia Pyun, Katie & William Renati, Ignacio, Laura & Marco Reisgo, James Shelburne (San Jose), Ian Sophie (Davis), John Taylor, Helena Tse (San Jose), Olga Vigdorovich, Vivian Wu (San Jose), Anton Weber (United Kingdom), Mitch Weinstock, Kathleen Wong (San Jose), Eileen & Jonathan Zar, Emory Zhou (San Jose)

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