Sept 2013: San Jose Alumni International ConnecXion

Joint Summer Alumni Event a Success!
By Edith Gong (San Jose '87)

AIESEC Life Bay Area and AIESEC San Jose co-hosted a summer alumni event (can you guess the dual meaning acronym?) at the beautiful home of Matt and Diane Levine (Columbia ˜63). The primary goals of the event were to solicit traineeship referrals, learn more about the Global Exchange Program and to connect alumni, trainees and partners together. The Levine's expansive home and backyard deck overlooked the Silicon Valley, where guests enjoyed drinks and appetizers, while enjoying the wonderful summer weather.

Incredible Attendance
The event had a great turnout with over 60 people in attendance! There were approximately 45 alumni and their guests, trainees and traineeship sponsors. The San Jose LC had 18 members on hand to greet and register guests, man the bar, be photographers and help with the set up and clean up. The evening started with trainees all hovering to hear about Matt's experiences in AIESEC at one of the founding AIESEC US Universities along with his successful sports marketing career. Soon a whole slew of alumni started to appear and everyone remarked at the incredible views before them - you could see Moffett Field, Shoreline Amphitheater, downtown San Jose and even see across to the East Bay hills.

The evening's program began with a group picture (yes it was like herding cats!) and a brief roll call where alumni and trainees from 21 different LCs and countries shouted out. Then David Belove, VP of Sales Enablement at Apttus, shared his experiences with the AIESEC program and his gratitude and appreciation for the 10 trainees currently in their organization. He was truly inspired by their immediate contribution and obvious value to Apttus; they are contracted for 7 more trainees! Jimmy Au, former LCP in China and an Apttus trainee, shared his story and incredible passion for AIESEC. He has been loving life living and working in the Silicon Valley. Clearly an ambassador for the Global Exchange Program and AIESEC, Jimmy also expressed his thoughts about how he believes that it's the duty of every alumni to give back to AIESEC in some way we all at AIESEC Life second that Jimmy!

Alumni Impressed with AIESEC San Jose's TN Raising
Next Sebastian Zhong, VP of ICX at San Jose, shared AIESEC San Jose's current traineeship numbers (leaders in the nation) and goals for the rest of the year. Sebastian was recognized at Summer National Conference with a scholarship (secured by alumni) for individually raising the most traineeships across in the country. Edith Gong, Bay Area hub co-leader, closed out the evening by doing the ask - for traineeship referrals, for alumni to become members of AIESEC Life, to find and connect other alumni in the area and help build the hub and to host future hub events. A small gift was presented to the evening's hosts and both Matt and Diane shared some incredible stories of their rich AIESEC history including being at a conference in East Berlin, a year after the wall had gone up -- the eerie silence on their side of the wall, the incredible noise on the other side from protestors in West Berlin and the Russian troops running to guard the wall in case the protestors broke through truly hair-raising.

It was amazing to see so many new faces at the event, many who have not been to an alumni event in over two years. Alumni attendees and their guests included:


Bay Area Hub Going Strong, but Always Looking for Volunteers!
The event was a raving success by all accounts. The LC received at least six traineeship referrals - all look very promising, old and new connections were made, and several alumni agreed to host future alumni/networking events that would benefit both the alumni and the local committee! Many thanks to the San Jose LC, trainees, sponsors, the Levine's and all the alumni who attended the event.

If you would like to help build the Bay Area hub or host a future alumni event, please contact Edith Gong.

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