January 2013: San Jose BOA Host Alumni Training Day


25 San Jose LC members attend full day training held by alumni 

(by Edith Gong, SJ '86)

On a Saturday in November, alumni in the San Francisco Bay area held a one-day training for 25 AIESEC San Jose Local Committee members. David Lo (San Jose BOA member, AIESEC San Jose) organized the training that consisted of two parallel tracks - one for newer members and another geared for more seasoned LC members. Topics included Leadership Development, Having a Killer Reception Program, Sales Process, Mock Sales Calls, and Team Building and Communications.

Members also had the opportunity to have their resumes reviewed, heard great traineeship stories during an Alumni panel and of course, there was a brief session on how to give back as an alumni through AIESEC Life and how alumni can assist the local committee.

Other trainers included members of the San Jose BOA – Edith Gong (San Jose), Barry Haaser (San Jose), Drew Klein (Yale), and Jeff McCartney (Emory). Alumnus Thierry Doyen (Belgium) and trainee Sergey Tashbayev (Kazakhstan) also participated in the training.

Thierry Doyen’s son, Nicolas, a freshman at UC Davis was interested in AIESEC so he drove two hours to attend the training. He was so enthusiastic about AIESEC and its mission that he is in the process of starting a chapter at UC Davis! AIESEC San Jose is sponsoring the UC Davis extension and it appears they have passed their first big milestone. Now that’s what we love to see – AIESEC traditions being passed down to the next generation!

The training was so successful that it will be a bi-annual event that coincides with new membership recruitment in the spring and fall. This is true collaboration between the alumni, BOA and the LC.

If you’re interested in helping the San Francisco Bay Area AIESEC Life hub or have traineeship opportunities, please contact Edith Gong (edithaieseclife@gmail.com) or Colleen McNulty (CMcNulty.sf@gmail.com).

If you are in the Sacramento area and would like assist the UC Davis extension or be on their Board of Advisors, please contact Edith Gong.

 An exercise in team building and communication

 Jeff McCartney providing tips on the sales process

 A session on leadership by David Lo- what are the
characteristics of a good leader?

 Alumni trainers (L to R): Drew Klein, Barry Haaser,
David Lo, Jeff McCartney, Edith Gong,
Sergey Tashbayev, Thierry Doyen




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