by Jill Olle (NIU '96)

Huge tankards of beer, oompah music, and great food. What could possibly have been missing? You, if you missed our Oktoberfest celebration at the Chicago Brauhaus on October 5th. Our signature event of the season, this gathering was full of AIESEC spirit. Several steins were raised, a few in competition, a few in salutation of fun times past and present. Oktoberfest saw us in the middle of our fall membership campaign. It was a close race, with Chicago neck and neck with Seattle. Many of our attendees renewed their AIESEC Life memberships while dining on schnitzel, sauerbräten, spätzle and other German delicacies.

AIESEC Alumni First Thursday events are being organized by our wonderful AIESEC Life – Chicago members. Technically, this event did not fall on a Thursday, but in keeping with the spirit of the movement, we have included it as an AAFT event. Eric Bartling (EC '03) did a fabulous job finding this restaurant and getting reservations for our large crew.

Clockwise: Mirasbék Kuterbékov (NU), Marta Turkalj (trainee), Kasia Duna (spouse), Mark Tomkins (NU '95), Alfredo Cantoral (MU), Eric Bartling (EC '03), Jennie Rademacher (UI '07), Sean Parnell (NIU '95), Jill Olle (NIU '96), Jason Melo Hall (UWM '09), Colton Connor (UWM '11), Colleen Graneto (MUO '05), Arnold Kas (NU '97) , Pinar Arikan (NU), Kristof Duna (OSU '05), Andy Moon (NU). Not pictured are Sarah Ketvirtis (MI '04), Katie Sassaman (GT '09) and Thomas Wehner (GT '09).

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