by Sarah Ketvirtis, Chicago Hub Leader

BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO BRAVISIMO! We want to give a shout out to AIESEC Northwestern and Pinar Arikan, the 2011/2012 Local Committee President, for hosting a fabulous trainee dinner this September. Upon returning to campus for the fall, Pinar and the LC wanted to connect with the local trainees; not only the Northwestern trainees but the AIESEC Madison, AIESEC Illinois and AIESEC Northern Illinois trainees located in the Chicago area. "We want to plan an informal opportunity for trainees to meet one another and hang out with us. As the closest LC we want to introduce ourselves and local alumni,” shared Pinar.

Clockwise: Pinar, Lowraynne, Patrick Yi Jang (NU alum), Marta, Takayuki Enomoto (traveling AIESECer), Maciek Derek (traveling AIESECer), Jill Olle (NIU alumna), Hiroki, Adel, Sarah, Kirstine, Andrea, Arnold Kas (NU alum), 2 NU friends, Mikuru, and Beau Becker (NU alum).

It was a truly international trainee dinner where Northwestern AIESECers, alumni, visiting international AIESECers and seven trainees, representing 9 countries, built connections and lasting memories. Our special trainee guests included:

*Mikuru Peng from China,
who recently completed her traineeship at Viprofix in Northbrook, IL.

*Hiroki Shimomura from Japan,
who recently completed his traineeship at CCI in Lemont, IL.

*Andrea Velez Ramirez from Colombia,
a trainee at Central Medical Specialists in Chicago, IL.

*Kirstine Bernes from Denmark,
a trainee at ePrize in Chicago, thanks to Cincinnati alumna Kim Smith.

*Marta Turkalj from Croatia,
a trainee at International Freight Services working with NIU alumnus Bob Roubitchek.

*Adel Zaitri from Algeria,
a trainee at Spraying Systems Co. in Glendale Heights, IL.

*Lowraynne Pedroso from Brazil,
a trainee at TMC, a division of C.H. Robinson Worldwide in Chicago, IL.

Opportunities to spend time with trainees, as a student or alumni, are priceless. Thank you AIESEC Northwestern for taking an active role in helping to build the Chicago Hub into a community where ideas are shared, perspectives are changed, and friendships are made as AIESECers, alumni and trainees connect and support one another.

"I admire how AIESEC Northwestern is committed to welcome and involve all the trainees in Chicago to their social activities along with the alumni. In this sense, the president of AIESEC Northwestern, Pinar Arikan, organized a dinner for all the trainees in Great Chicago Area; it was a great experience for me, I have got to meet a lot of trainees like me for the first time there.” ~ Adel Zaitri

"I had a wonderful time and enjoyed the pizza party organized by the Chicago community and LC. They introduced everything in Chicago to me and made me smile. I'm sure I couldn't have had such a great experience without them. Many thanks for them. I never forgot it.” Hiroki Shimomura

"AIESEC, Thank you so much for allowing me to have such a wonderful experience in America! I have learned to be strong and independent on my own, and to make new friends across cultures. Thank you for such a tremendous opportunity. I could not have done it without you!” ~Marta Turkalj

WE LOVE OUR TRAINEES WE DO, WE LOVE OUR TRAINEES WE DO…OH TRAINEES WE LOVE YOU! Join us at our upcoming First Thursday Happy Hour on December 6th.

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