By Sarah Ketvirtis, Chicago Hub leader


Dim Sum at MingHin Cuisine

In April Su Xu, AIESEC Northwestern and TMC trainee, hosted a Chicago Hub Dim Sum Cultural Event.  Su, who is originally from Zhuhai (珠海), a city in the province of Guangdong, China, shared his cultural tradition of dim sum, or yum cha, with us. Dim sum refers to the Chinese traditional style of serving a wide range of small bite-sized portions of food in small steamer baskets or on small plates.  In the US we use ""dim sum"" in place of the phrase ""yum cha"", which literally means ""drinking tea"" and refers to the entire meal.

Su chose a traditional dim sum restaurant in Chinatown, explained the cultural tradition and made sure to order the most popular dim sum dishes for us to try.  Su explains, ""As Dim Sum comes from the Southern China seaside region, Guangdong province, seafood plays a huge role in Dim Sum. Therefore, shrimp dumpling is one of the most popular dishes. Soy sauce chicken feet, something special in Asian cuisine, was ordered as it never appears on American menu. Same with yam cake, as yam is a typical Asian plant which is like a purple potato.  The goal was to make the experience as authentic and traditional as I could but that was challenging given the vast selection of Chinese food that doesn't fit into Western cuisine.""

Chicagoland alumni, as well as AIESECers and trainees from Northwestern,

Northern Illinois, Michigan and Purdue, enjoyed an afternoon of Chinese tea and dim sum, where many authentic dishes were tried for the first time.  A special thanks to Su for sharing a special cultural tradition with us and making the event one we will not forget.  We will miss you greatly!

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