AIESEC US Stakeholders Meeting and Reception in NYC

On June 29th, 2015, AIESEC US shareholders meeting took place in New York city, where alumni attended to get an update on the organization and participate in a Q&A session with the incoming and outgoing AIESEC US teams. Following the meeting, we held a reception at The Perfect Pint, and over 30 AIESECers, alumnus and board members joined. At the reception, AIESEC alums thanked the outgoing AIESEC US team for their excellent year and welcomed the new incoming members, in addition to meeting the new AIESEC Life Executive Director, Daniele Lea. The alums also recognized Predrag Cvetkovski for his two years of dedicated service as the president of AIESEC Life New York city and welcomed the new president, Ruthie Garelik. Last but not the least, AIESEC Life NYC's former president, Cathy Shelton, presented Claire Wang the GBA Faye Liebowitz Award for her amazing efforts in raising 5 AIESEC traineeship this year.

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