Happy Alums mingling with LC members

Over 40 alums and current LC members mingled at Amato's Ale House in Denver which has 40 beers on tap and overlooks the Denver skyline. It was an opportunity to catch up with some old friends and also meet some new faces. Tanner Ryan, LCP Boulder, announced the new AIESEC Boulder LCP (Gabi Murillo) and Rebecca True gave an update on their success of hosting the Fall Regional Conference despite the devastating floods around that timeframe. It was also great that we had two alums attend from AIESEC Denver (Greg Sobetski and Kevin Bell) as being a new LC this is the first year that any AIESECers from AIESEC Denver have existed!

One goal of the event was to rally alumni participation in AIESEC Life's 2013 Membership Drive.  Each year, AIESEC Life allocates 8 weeks where hubs across the country compete to see which city can generate the most annual memberships for AIESEC Life. This year, our nationwide goal is 150 membership activated and our Colorado hub has played a huge role in helping us achieve that.  During the Fall campaign, we got nearly 20 AIESEC Life memberships and with 50% of the funds going back to the hub, we have more options on future events.

Thanks to everyone that came out in support of AIESEC!


Madeline Ingino (LCP-Denver), Tanner Ryan (LCP-Boulder) and Rebecca True (OCP-RoKS) sharing their updates.


 Adam Karas and Christine Simpkins - old pals



Jeff Popiel and Kim Benson, showing off one of the raffle prizes

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