By Heather Blahnik (MA ’96, US ’98, AI ’99)

Many of us remember a trainee from our AIESEC days who was great at his/her job and was offered full time employment at their company after their traineeship ended.  One such trainee is Alain “Jack” Siadik from Romania, who is currently finishing his traineeship at Cisco Systems, Inc. and due to his dedication and talent has been offered to continue on permanently.

Jack studied at West University of Timisoara in Romania in Software Engineering.  He heard about AIESEC from his roommate and after attending an introductory session, he joined AIESEC in 2009 and became an active member of the Communication Department within his LC.  He says of AIESEC, “What really caught my attention was the fact that you could go outside of your country and gain experience in your field of study, and if you are an AIESECer you are part of a family – you are never alone.”

After finishing his studies, Jack traveled to Silicon Valley on a Technical Traineeship (TT) and has been working in the business unit in charge of Cisco’s Unified Computing Systems (UCS), which is object-oriented and written in Python.  The idea behind the system is to reduce total cost of ownership and improve scalability by integrating different components into a cohesive platform that can be managed as a single unit.  It is one of Cisco’s flagship products.

When asked what he feels his biggest contribution to Cisco has been, Jack responded:

“I think my biggest contribution to Cisco was a practical example of the trainees which AIESEC can supply. I’ve always had a strong curiosity about computers and coding – it’s been a passion of mine.   Although there are many Python programmers in the Bay Area, there is a shortage and large companies like Cisco have the ability to reach far away countries like Romania and draw on young talent there.  My greatest contribution to Cisco during my traineeship was providing the company with a young ambitious trainee who cherished the opportunity to work in Silicon Valley, poured his heart into his work, and did everything to make our project a success.   I thank AIESEC for that opportunity.”

Jack had this to say to AIESEC alumni about placing trainees in their companies: “The world is expanding and talent isn’t just in the USA anymore.  If you want a young, ambitious, talented individual who is willing to dedicate themselves to your objectives at a bargain of a price – start with AIESEC.”  Taking a trainee can be a “win-win” situation for both company and trainee.  Jack says that his traineeship at Cisco has been “like winning the lottery” and Cisco has a dedicated, talented trainee that they are now making into a full-time employee.

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