By Heather Blahnik (Madison ’96, US ’98, AI ’99)

As driven as most AIESECers are, it is not hard to imagine that many go on to high levels in the organizations they work for. Such is the case with Adam Aron. He was Chief Executive Officer of the Philadelphia 76ers, a professional basketball team, from 2011 to 2013 and, since 2006, has been the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of World Leisure Partners, Inc., a leisure-related consultancy. From 1996 through 2006, Adam served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Vail Resorts, an owner and operator of ski resorts and hotels. Prior to that, Adam was President and CEO of Norwegian Cruise Line and held senior positions in United Airlines and Hyatt Hotels and Resorts. In his AIESEC days, Adam was a member of AIESEC Harvard and Student Director in 1973-1974.

He had the following to say about AIESEC and his time in the organization:

“My world changed when I went off to college and found a student organization, AIESEC, that operated an exchange program that sent students to work in a foreign land. I was the president of its Harvard chapter, then an officer of the U.S. organization. And when I graduated from college, I became the fourth-ranking officer worldwide and picked up the best title I will ever have, assistant secretary general. As a result of having this wonderful exchange opportunity at my fingertips, over the course of six years I spent half my time outside the United States, in jobs in England, Holland, Belgium, Finland, Japan and Iran.”

Quote taken from an article in The New York Times, March 21, 2004: EXECUTIVE LIFE: THE BOSS; An Eye on the Goal by Jane L. Levere.

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