Lily DeNoma (far left)
Local Committee President AIESEC in Ohio
Conference Attended: Americas LCP Summit,  São Paulo, Brazil, September 2019

In June 2019, all of the Local Committee Presidents within the Americas region, covering North, Central, and South America, received an email about a newly created conference: Americas LCP Summit in São Paulo, Brazil. This summit was meant to be a touchpoint for LCPs within the Americas region to work on international relations between LCs and strategize for the region for the rest of the semester. After learning about this opportunity, I immediately called some of my LCP friends to plan our adventure.

Although there are many international conferences throughout the year, this one was the perfect fit for the experience I was hoping for. The summit was just for LCPs, allowing us to focus on planning strategies for our LC and allowing us to collaborate with other LCPs from about a dozen different countries. The conference fell over Labor Day weekend, allowing me to travel internationally without falling too far behind in AIESEC work or classes.

For the first day, three other LCPs from the United States and myself arrived in Brazil around 8:00 AM after a 10-hour flight, ready to jump into the new culture and conference sessions. When we first arrived, we were a little nervous about meeting some of the highest performing LCPs in the world, but after getting to talk to them about our different realities, we realized that we all have the same struggles and challenges. It was amazing to see how similar AIESEC is among so many different countries, but also how much value everyone places on their exchange experiences.

Our second day was focused on our international relations with other LCs. We were able to split into groups to talk about how we run our exchanges and how we can improve our processes. Afterwards, we had very impactful conversations with the other local committees we do exchanges with. Personally, being able to talk to my country partners in Brazil and Peru on why exchange is so crucial to their community provided so much insight into why we do what we do in AIESEC.

On the last day, we learned how to better run our back-office functions: finance and talent management. We were taught by some of the national team members in Brazil on how to incorporate finance and talent management into our marketing and operations, and we were also able to share some best practices from our own experience. The rest of the day allowed us to reflect on our entire experience we shared that weekend. We were able to be vulnerable about our journey through AIESEC, talk about our dreams for the future of our local committee, and discuss how we plan to stay united as Americas. Attending this conference not only broadened my perspective by seeing a new country, but it broadened my perspective of AIESEC as a whole, and further developed my passion for this organization. 

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