Ashlee Harvey (center with flag on her cheek)
Local Committee President AIESEC Appalachian State
Conference Attended: Americas Congress 2018 in Mexico

When I was awarded the JoAnn Boland Scholarship at WNC I was surprised and excited. I immediately started thinking about what international conference I wanted to attend. In my three years in AIESEC I had had many roles and opportunities from being a vice president, going on exchange to Morocco, organizing committee president of SNC, national support team member and now LCP but had never been to an international conference. When the dates were released for Americas Congress in January I decided that was the conference I wanted to attend. Americas Congress seemed like the conference that would most impact my region, local committee and me.

The first day of the conference was an introduction to the cultures and variety that the Americas region contains. The weeklong conference was both long and short at the same time. There was so much packed in to a week and yet it also seemed like there was not enough time to do everything. Throughout the entire conference I had many conversations with people throughout the Americas on topics ranging from what problems our countries are facing and how AIESEC can help be the change our countries need to how we can better cooperate as entities. All the conversations I had led me to realize that while all of our countries might seem different we are all facing similar problems and have a lot more in common than we all realize. One of the best parts of the conference was getting to meet a lot of the people we had created partnerships with and talk about how we can make our partnerships even better.

Attending Americas Congress really allowed me to see how large the reach and impact of AIESEC is and can be. It also gave me the opportunity to learn more about my role in AIESEC and the different ways entities around the Americas do operations. This opportunity would not have been possible with out this scholarship and I’m really grateful that I got this chance to bring back all that I can for my local committee.

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