Tarek Abdel Raouf - Americas Conference, Peru 2017

Tarek Abdelraouf
Conference: Americas Congress 2017, Lima Peru
Position in AIESEC: Local Committee President Miami, Florida 2017

Since I joined AIESEC, the one statement that has resonated with me the most is “You get out of it what you put in”. AIESEC has taught me that with any opportunity that I am presented, I and only I am responsible for what I get out of it. Whether I come out of the experience the exact same, or a completely different person, it is something that falls onto my own hands and no one else.
Since joining AIESEC, I have been a new member, a team leader, a vice president for two different positions, and now a local committee president. I have also had the pleasure to go on many different regional and national conferences, even having the pleasure of attending a national conference in Egypt. I have even been on an exchange experience in Medellin, Colombia, but i had never had the opportunity to go on an international conference.
Thanks to the JoAnn Boland scholarship, I was given the opportunity to go to an international conference in Lima, Peru. Which not only was an amazing experience, but it also gave me the opportunity to add a new country to my list of countries visited. The conference was an incredible experience, with over 300 delegates in attendance from over 20 countries. Instantly I was greeted very warmly by all delegates and I felt at home amongst everyone. The sessions in the conference were extremely empowering, teaching me about effective feedback, leadership training spaces, getting an opportunity to meet and be involved with different AIESEC International partners.
“You get what you put in”, AIESEC has granted me many extremely valuable opportunities, and it has been my dream to be able to impact people and help them to develop themselves and grow. Being an LCP, I have been granted the opportunity to achieve that dream and I can now fulfil that dream by working hard and developing all my members to the best of my ability. Being able to go to this international conference granted me even more knowledge on how to best impact my local committee and my city.
This conference has only fueled the fire that already burns within me for AIESEC, it was a reminder that AIESEC is always bigger than we can even imagine. AIESEC is an opportunity to change the world and I can only strive to remain in this organization for as long as I can, learn from it as much as I can, and even after it is my time to leave it as a member, to always live by its values and help the organization by any means necessary.

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