Samarth Barot Shares on Recent Trip to Turkey
AIESEC has given so many people the opportunity to grow and develop themselves. It has given them a platform to travel and interact with people around the world.

During the Winter National Conference last December, it was announced that I was the lucky one to be awarded the JoAnn Boland International Scholarship. I wanted to attend EuroXpro 2013 in Turkey and this scholarship made it possible for me. Having already attended an international conference last year in Chile, I knew how much of a learning experience this would be.

I was only able to attend the first couple days of the conference, as I got ill and had to return back home, as that’s what the doctors asked me to do. However, even with the little time I got to spend at the conference, I was ecstatic. In spite of my illness, just being around all the AIESECers from around the world and seeing them collaborate with each other and showcasing the global network that AIESEC has, gave me the energy to participate during the sessions on the first day. This was the day when I got to attend one of the best sessions that I have ever been a part of. It was a session by Florent Mei the President of AIESEC International for 2012-2013. That session gave me a deep insight into the “Why of AIESEC” and reconfirmed my beliefs about why I love to do what I do.

I think getting a chance to attend an International conference is the best opportunity anyone can get when in AIESEC. It broadens your perspective more than you could ever imagine. I would really like to thank AIESEC Life and the JoAnn Boland Scholarship fund for choosing for me for this prestigious award and giving me a chance to attend on of the greatest conferences in the AIESEC network. I look forward to completing my term as a Local Committee President this year and then hopefully going onto serve on AIESEC US's National Support Team.

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