Sofia Lazaro is the current LCP of AIESEC Georgia Tech and was recently awarded a scholarship through the JoAnn Boland International Scholarship Fund to attend EuroXPRO in Greece.  She writes to alumni below about her experience there and its tremendous impact on her perspective of the world.

AIESEC has been a source of countless “once-in-a-lifetime” experiences for me, and my week as a delegate at EuroXPROs in Greece was another incredible experience to add to my list.

The first day at EuroXPROs was an exhausted whirlwind of culture shock. Each of AIESEC’s global regions was represented and I loved watching the thrill of each delegation as they were called up to represent their country with a roll call. The USA was last, but the room was anything but short on energy. I still remember feeling the excitement in the room when the song “Bad Touch” came on, and many stood up to dance with us in the crowd. I have done that roll call at every AIESEC conference I have attended, and doing it at EuroXPROs immediately put me at ease.

In the subsequent days, I learned more in less hours than I ever have. I was challenged to leave my local perspective and think about AIESEC on a global level. I not only had the opportunity to formulate my own opinions about our global strengths and weaknesses, my perspective was augmented by other LCPs from all walks of life running LCs at all stages of development.

The most personally enriching day in the conference for me was LEAD, delivered by AIESEC International. LEAD is an entire day of self-reflection and leadership development sessions. Life as an LCP can be busy, and very rarely do I take the time to sit down and evaluate my strengths and weaknesses, my hopes and fears. Doing this in a room with young leaders from 52 different countries truly deepened the experience, and I was definitely “Living Diversity.” I was incredibly inspired by the AIESECers I talked with, and to this day, we communicate and each other accountable to our dreams.

I left the conference having barely slept and without a voice. I also left with an evolved global
perspective and many new friendships that would continue to be a part of my life. Now, when I look at a
map of Europe, I do not see colors and capitals, I see faces and remember their personalities. As I
boarded the plane back to Atlanta, I felt more motivated than ever, and more able to clearly articulate
my purpose as an AIESECer. Without a doubt, I will encourage my successor and as many rising LCPs as
possible to attend this conference next year. I would like to thank AIESEC Life, and the JoAnn Boland
Scholarship Committee, for the opportunity they provided me.

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