Stefanie Karwoski is all smiles during her March 2011 trip to Estonia

Originally posted: October 4, 2011  

Stefanie Karwoski, current LCP of AIESEC at the University of Georgia, attended EuroXpro in Estonia in March 2011.  Her trip was made possible by the alumni who donated so generously to the JoAnn Boland Scholarship Fund.  She recently wrote to AIESEC Life to thank those alumni and to share a bit about her experience. 

When I joined AIESEC, I never imagined representing my Local Committee as well as AIESEC United States at an international level. However, after being awarded a scholarship from the JoAnn Boland Fund, that changed entirely. Attending EuroXpro in Estonia this past March was not only eye-opening to my career in AIESEC but also to my personal development as well.

In Estonia, I was not only able to take part in a very high level conference reserved for just Local Committee Presidents and Member Committee Vice Presidents, I was also able to take part in a Youth to Business Forum with several acclaimed European businesses, meet AIESECers from all parts of the world and represent the U.S. at an amazing public Global Village dedicated to showcasing every country. However, coming from a somewhat low performing Local Committee, it was hard not to be discouraged by stories from Committees with some of the largest exchange numbers in the world. Having the opportunity to meet so many great AIESEC members has definitely driven me since attending the conference. Since attending, AIESEC UGA has been able to send multiple students on internships advertised while I was at EuroXpro. In addition, I was able to motivate our LC to host our upcoming Regional conference in Georgia. Overall conference attendance has risen by over 100% as well. While I recognize that this is the right direction, I am not satisfied with simply hitting a plateau. The next step for our LC is to gain full membership. AIESEC UGA is at its strongest point in over ten years. We are poised to create the impact we promise to members and to our network worldwide. One of the greatest impacts I received from EuroXpro was the appreciation for the size and strength of our network. It wasn’t until I went to Estonia that I truly appreciated how AIESEC could bring together people from all different countries, cultures, religions, lifestyles and backgrounds.

While being President of AIESEC UGA has definitely been a very proud moment in my life, I will not let this be the end of my relationship with such a phenomenal organization. I have yet to be on a traineeship and am looking forward to spending this summer on exchange. Afterwards, I plan to maintain a life-long connection with AIESEC, definitely what I consider to be the best part of my college career. Not only will I encourage my successors to take part in the awesome opportunity I was afforded but also I hope to one day be able to help sponsor an AIESEC member to attend an international conference as well. I am truly honored to have such a pivotal role in AIESEC.

 - Stefanie Karwoski

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