Oct 2013: New Yorkers Pack out the Papillon Bistro


Incoming NYC Hub Leader, Predrag Cvetkovski, poses with outgoing hub leader Cathy Shelton

(By Karen Raiti Thigpen MI '96/US '97)

AIESEC Life's Hub in New York City hosted a fabulous event last Monday in Manhattan where scores of  alumni networked and welcomed members of the AIESEC US Board of Directors and AIESEC US Member Committee who were together for their quarterly meeting.  (see photo gallery below) The event was held at Papillon Bistro where the laughter was loud and AIESEC camaraderie was alive and well. Recognition was given to alumni leaders who have been instrumental in building the hub and local alumni cheered loudly and thanked outgoing hub leader, Cathy Shelton for her tireless service over the past four years.  They then gave a hearty welcome to incoming hub leader, Predrag Cvetkovski who'll oversee alumni activity in the Big Apple with team members Ruthie Garelick, Sarah Sommerfield, and Jamie Wernet going forward.

One goal of the event was to rally alumni participation in AIESEC Life's 2013 Membership Drive.  Each year, AIESEC Life allocates 8 weeks where hubs across the country compete to see which city can generate the most annual memberships for AIESEC Life. This year, our nationwide goal is 150 membership activated and our NYC hub has played a huge role in helping us achieve that. One reason is that the membership drive directly helps our hubs. During the Fall campaign, alumni may select their hub affiliation when activating their membership and AIESEC Life, in return, allocates 50% of their fees back to their hubs for future events and activities.

AIESEC Life would like to thank Cathy Shelton and Predrag Cvetkovski and their respective teams for their hardwork and dedication in building our nationwide hub program.

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