Nearly 50 guests attended the annual Stakeholders Reception held at The Nemati Collection.  The reception followed the Stakeholders Meeting, which revives an old tradition of alumni participation in the Annual Meeting of the Corporation of AIESEC United States.  Click here to see the full program of the reception, including the calendar of events until the end of the year.

Ken Phillips (NCP 64-66) delivered the keynote presentation on the AAI (AIESEC Alumni International) Transformation Project to Unleash AIESEC’s Global Potential.  “Think of it,” said Ken.  “Upwards of one million AIESECers.  Like-minded people in 110 or more countries. The potential is amazing.”  Ken attended AAI in Hungary, where a new board was elected with a mandate to unite the 46 national AIESEC alumni associations into a global organization with common goals and initiatives. Ken is leading a team to tweak the mission statement and branding aspects of the project.  Click here to see Ken’s overview of the initiative, and how you can get involved.

The evening also featured remarks by Karen Thigpen, AIESEC Life’s Executive Director.


NYC Hub Chair Cathy Shelton kicked off the presentation by thanking the AIESEC US Board for their service.


Russ Gerson, Chairman


Incoming Chairman Mike Ross


Board members Peter Stewart & Jerry Allison


Board member Virginia P’An


Helping out with the event were members of three LCs, including Daxin Lin (NYU), Kristen Hwang (Cornell) and Ellora Islam (Baruch).


More manpower from the LCs included Alan Huynh and Jason Castro of NYU.


Most of all, we want to thank Darius Nemati (Emory 96) for hosting the Stakeholders Reception at The Nemati Coll


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