By Andreia Leonard

Last month, AIESEC Life NYC hub hosted two events for the alumni community in New York.  The first one, an intimate ethnic dinner at Copper Chimney, featured an array of spiced Indian food and nostalgic conversations on past AIESEC traineeships in places such as Turkey, Poland, Norway and Denmark.  We would like to thank Brian Gately (Houston’ 71 and Reception Officer), who was our photographer for the evening.

On May 23rd, a group of alumni and MC members met for a happy hour for our first outdoor event of the summer season.  Guests included members of the current and elected MC, such as Katrina Oropel who managed alumni relations for the past year and is joining the AIESEC International team in Rotterdam in June.

If you happen to be in New York City in June, join us for the wine tasting on the 13th and/or the Annual Stakeholders meeting, followed by a reception on the 25th.  We hope to see you there!


Tania Torres, Allen Kone, Christanto Nugroho, Sarah Sommerfield & Ann Kone







 Allen Kone, Brian Gatey, Sarah Sommerfield, Anne Knoe, & Tania Torres




 Corinne Arnold & Andreia Leonard


Anjene ""Nay-Nay"" Abston & Monica Vida




 Miriam Spritzer & Ruthie Garelik




 Raphael Alexandrian & Katrina Oropel

Raphael will be taking a position at the Belgium MC team, while Katrina will join the AIESEC International team in Rotterdam.
Justin Hurst, Andreia Leonard & Kevin Omar Wiliams


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