Spring 2012: Strong Alumni presence at Northeast RoKS


Anna Blazejowskyj (Yale, second from the right) coordinated alumni involvement with Bryan Walker (not shown).  From left: Dylan Bustillo (Baruch), Cherie Ho, Monica Vida, Aled Owens, Anna Blazejowskyj and Vince Pirarulli.

Nearly twenty NYC alumni from 10 different nationalities turned out for ""Northeast Beast” Spring RoKS on Feb 25 in East Brunswick, NJ.  The tightly focused Saturday afternoon session included mock sales calls for LC members on the ICX track and four alumni-led workshops for all others.

After individual presentations from present alumni, Alfy Lay (Australia MC 02/03) and Gonçalo Leonard (Portugal MC 01/02 and 02/03, AI 03/04)  led the group to a roll call dance.


The NYC Hub awarded Tala Mansi (LCP Baruch, in the foreground) for her great work in developing LC-alumni relations. She was presented with a keepsake box for her AIESEC memories. Based on her dynamic performance, Tala was elected as AIESEC US Plenary Representative at the last Winter National Conference in San Fscoranco.

But that would be only one of a few awards reserved for the day. Baruch’s Tala Mansi and Bryan Adler presented Aled Owens (UK MC 06/07) with a banner thanking his company, QS Ltd, for taking 2 AIESEC traineeships to be realized until April 2012!



There were four alumni-led workshops, out of which each member could choose to attend 2 different topics.



Miriam Spritzer (Brazil - Porto Alegre 2005) led a workshop for delegates on building rapport, to help them develop their sales and interpersonal skills.  Miriam runs a coaching company, and has also recently begun moonlighting as a New York correspondent for a Brazilian TV station.

Costa Michailidis (Baruch 2009) led a workshop on the art of storytelling. Costa is an organizer for TEDx Gramercy events in New York City and has recently hosted a very successful first edition in Baruch.



Guilherme Louzada (Brazil - Porto Alegre 2010) is currently an AIESEC trainee at PricewaterhouseCoopers and delivered a presentation to the attendees on promoting innovation.

Kevin Omar Williams, currently serving on the BOA in Boston, provided the delegates with an informative session on early career management, including resume strategies in a digital age and how to target and monitor growing industries such as private equity, venture capital and health care.

From right Bryan Walker (LC Sheffield UK 97/99, MC Venezuela 99/00 & UK 00/01), CoChair of the NYC Hub, coordinated overall alumni involvement in RoKS. Kyle Zeman, Senior, Georgia Tech coordinated on the student side for the ICX track.

The centerpiece of the afternoon was the mock sales calls for the 35 LC members on the ICX track. Bryan developed four different company scenarios and students rotated into two of them.

Nine alumni participated, playing the role of company CEO:

Monica Vida (Colorado 96)
Allen Kone (Yale 66)
Vince Piarulli (Fullerton 92)
Nandakumar ""Nandu” Rajagopalan (India 99)
Alfy Lay (Australia 03)
Gonçalo Leonard (Portugal 03)
Isuru Wijeyaratne (Sri Lanka 04)
Aled Owens (UK 07)
Cherie Ho (Sweden 06)


The Baruch LC bestowed an award, originally presented at their recent ""Global Youth Leadership Day”, to the NYC Hub for all its support.


On the far left, Vince Piarulli and Emir Boydag (Austin 2005) were a few from the many alumni sharing their experiences at dinner.

Christanto Nugroho (Baruch), on the RoKS Faci team, and Cathy Shelton, NYC Hub Chair, invite you to AIESEC US' Summer National Conference 2012 in Stamford, CT this August 8th to 13th!


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