By Andreia Leonard


Sarah Sommerfield, Miami'04, stands next to Social Events team for AIESEC Life NY hub: Anjené "Nay Nay” Abston, Miami'06, Chair for Happy Hours & Socials and Corinne Arnold, Ohio’03.

The Friday 16th Game Night received great traction from alumni & LC members from NYU and Baruch with around 40 showing up for the event at the Upper East Side apartment of host Corinne Arnold.

Guests were particularly enthusiastic with the Ping-Pong table, while others teamed up to play UNO, Jenga, Jungle Speed & Monopoly Deal.


 Aled Owens (UK), Ellora Sultana Islam (Baruch), Kristen Hwang (Cornell), Bryan Walker (UK) and Samson Peng (ICX NYU).

All set for another Jenga round, Michael Li (Baruch Finance) with alumni Regina Hing (Philippines) and Harrison Adler (Baruch' 10).


Aled Owens (UK), Miriam Spritzer (Brazil), Dylan Bustilo (Account delivery LC Baruch) and Sarah Sommerfield.


Cathy Shelton, NY Hub Chair and Ashley Tagg (member of the Communications & PR National Support team), who presented the host with a bouquet of flowers.

NYU team members Zhangshuai Li (NYU, VP Comm), Yi Tong (NYU, VP OGX) and Manoj Asokkuma (NYU, member BD) together with Kristen Hwang (Cornell) visiting NYC for the weekend.

At one last game for night, NY Hub steering committee members Andreia Leonard, Corinne Arnold, Sarah Sommerfield and Nay-Nay embrace a Monopoly Deal challenge.

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