Andreia Leonard

Eugene Master (left) of LC Baruch, with newly arrived trainee Jacopo Castellan of Italy, at the dinner he organized to introduce NY trainees to alumni last April 12th.  The event had an overwhelming response with nearly 50 alumni and current members attending the evening at the Village Lantern.

Mathew Varughese (Hofstra 91-94) reminisced about his traineeship in Milan at Centrobanca SPA by AIESEC Bocconi with trainee Jacopo Castellan from AIESEC Bocconi, just starting his traineeship in NYC at Brooks Brothers.

Three generations of AI External Relations Managers also gathered at the event:  Katrina Oropel (left) of the US MC will start her term at AI in June; Maria Rodriguez (Puerto Rico) moves up to VP in June; and Ruthie Garelick served from 2009 – 2011.

Ken Phillips (NCP 64-66), Cathy Shelton (AIESEC Life NYC Hub Chair) and Yale’s Allen Kone (Corporate Secretary of AIESEC Life).

Two of the six trainees currently in NY — Jacopo Castellan (Italy) begins at Brooks Brothers and Guilherme Louzada (Brazil) continues at PwC.

 The event was realized during Spring Break and Baruch LC members turned out in force.

Dick Boswell, currently serving on the Yale BOA, with Nell Mei Wong.

The OC invites you to attend Summer National Conference in Stamford (9-10th August): Christanto Nugroho (Hotel relations), Chair Natasha Lopez and Samson Peng (VP Sponsorships). For more information click here.

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