Ann and Allen Kone (Yale 66) hosted their second annual International Holiday Potluck for nearly 60 AIESECers at their Brooklyn brownstone on the first Sunday evening of December. The celebration reprised a tradition they had begun in the 1960s to host trainees for an American Thanksgiving dinner.

The guests included more than 40 alumni, along with the MC, and LC members from Baruch, Yale and NYU.  The party served as a housewarming to welcome Ann and Allen back into their newly renovated 1872 townhouse in Brooklyn’s Boerum Hill historic district—they had moved back in only two days before the dinner!

Guests shared dishes from around the world, such as Indian Samosas, Venezuelan Shredded Beef, Korean Noodles, Portuguese Codfish, American Pumpkin Bread, English Rich Tea Chocolate Biscuit Cake and a wide assortment of other cookies and cakes for dessert.

Alex Rosa MCVP TM and Cole Wirpel MCVP Finance (in the foreground) indulge their appetite with some more delicious food. In the background, LC Baruch members Alyssa Alicino VPOGX-elect, Tala Mansi LCP-elect and Bianca Laura, VPTM-elect along the rest of the elected team (not shown) made sure to join the event directly from an EB retreat weekend in Long Island with the current and elect teams. Also in the background on the right, Sarah Endline, member of the AIESEC Life Leadership circle, brought some samples of her delicious chocolate Sweetriot product.

In a conversation with George Dumigan (originally from Scotland, who got involved with AIESEC while tenuring in Yale), he fondly recollected his memories of taking his first AIESEC trainee to serve at Yale’s University. He also expressed his admiration for Allen’s involvement with AIESEC Life. Curiously enough, as Chair of the NYC Hub’s Speaker Series, Allen is already planning at least three events for the new year. He also serves on Yale’s BOA, along with George.

Jeff Chen, current MCP for AIESEC US, flanked by alumni Karen Barnett and Teresa Welsh.

From left, alumni Alireza Ziaie, Maria Vazquez, Clarali Silva and Lauren Heis catch up one last time before the upcoming holidays.

As a final note and on behalf of all guests, we would like to thank Allen and Ann for their hospitality and warmth in which they received the AIESEC family in their home. THANK YOU!


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