December 2011: NYC Holiday Party and Housewarming at the new AIESEC US office


AIESEC US MC Team 2011/2012:

- Back: Jeff Chen - MCP, Cole Wirpel - VP Finance, Andres Giraldo - VP Communications, Jaycee Lam - VP Incoming Exchange, Shivan Shukla - VP Account Delivery, Alex Rosa - VP Talent Management
- Front: Oliwia Mandziuk - VP Outgoing Exchange, Katrina Oropel - VP Business Development, Stefanie Neubeck - VP Local Committee Development

Last Monday, alumni and current members gathered at the new MC office downtown for an early celebration of the upcoming holidays, while getting to know the MC team and their new working space—which they moved into last month.

The brand new boardroom was transformed into a dining room, as pizzas donated by key alumni were served to all participants. A special thank you to Cathy Shelton, Bryan Walker, Rishi Ganti and other friends of AIESEC for their generosity.

Cathy Shelton, Chair of the NYC Hub (right) said farewell to Arthur Maas, who joined his last NYC hub event before moving to Germany in early 2012. Arthur has been an active member of the NYC Hub Steering Committee and has held several responsibilities including social media communication and management. While we will miss Arthur dearly, we wish him all the best for his adventure in Europe and hope to see him soon in another part of the world. That is after all, an integral part of AIESEC Life.

Sabrina Tönsing (center, between Emir Boydag and Goncalo Leonard) is originally from Germany and is currently doing a CEED for LC Baruch. She came to the MC office directly from a networking event in which she promoted AIESEC internships to companies. We hope that very soon she will she able to convert some of the leads into raised TNs.

Josie Chang and Katrina Oropel (MCVP BD and Alumni Relations) posed for a photograph during a break in their conversation. Katrina had just arrived the previous day from the Global External Relations Meeting at the AI office in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Alex Rosa MCVPTM (on the left) had also recently returned from a training conference in Portugal, home country of Goncalo Leonard (AI 03/04 and PT MC 01-03).


Alex, Cole and Katrina from the MC Team are currently running for MCP 2012-2013 in the election which will take place at the AIESEC Winter National Conference in San Francisco. Among the candidates there are also 3 LC members: Beau Becker (Northwestern), Kate Wharton (Georgia Tech) and Kevin Cornwell (Arizona). It promises to be an intense election for the leading position at AIESEC US.

If you would like to find out more about the candidates, you may visit the MCP Election page at Good luck to all the candidates!



On behalf of the entire NYC Hub Steering Committee, our wishes of Happy Holidays to all alumni, active members and trainees! For those of you that are interested in joining the alumni reunion in San Francisco, you can still enroll until Dec 23rd at Otherwise, we hope to see you in one of the many events we are already preparing for 2012!

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