NY Alumni Gather at the Northeast Regional Conference 2011


Bryan Walker (Sheffield UK 01), CoChair of the New York Hub, coordinated alumni involvement in the Northeast RoKS conference with head facilitator Tala Mansi (Baruch 13). At lunch and dinner, alumni mingled with LC members from Baruch, NYU, Yale, Cornell, Penn, George Washington and Tufts. Several alumni conducted general sessions for the delegates and then participated in a meeting with the LCPs.

Costa Michailidis conducted a workshop on the heartbeat of innovation, the intersection of critical thinking and creative thinking. Costa (Baruch 09) currently leads Innovation Bound, a 3-partner consulting firm.

Rishi Ganti, (Emory 94), led a science-based session on personal goal-setting and planning. Rishi joined AIESEC during his career as a soccer player in Austria, and currently puts his many degrees to work at a hedge fund.

Izaz Rony (Baruch 09) is joined by Sarah Endline (NCP 95) and Saad Dar (Baruch 08) as he conducted a session on ""life after AIESEC.""

Harrison Adler (Baruch 10) chats with Cosmo Fujiyama of Ashoka, who led an orientation on the activities and goals of the largest association of social entrepreneurs.

Conference Chair Melisa Zenginkuzucu, former LCP of AIESEC Istanbul, is currently getting her masters degree in computer information systems as a Fulbright scholar at NYU.

Rob Peeters and his wife Elke Deloose attended their first alumni event in New York, because…

New to the US, Elke (center) noticed Ashley Tagg (right) of the Baruch LC wearing an AIESEC T-shirt as she and Tala Mansi picked up Jessica Torress (left, CCVP for the upcoming IPM in Mexico), on her way to attend RoKS! And thus we welcome Elke and Rob to the NY Hub!

Allen Kone (Yale 66 and current Yale BOA), invited delegates and alumni to attend the NY Hub’s International Holiday Potluck Dinner at his Brooklyn brownstone on Sunday, December 4 from 4 pm – 8 pm. Mark your calendars!


New to New York via Singapore, Andreia & Gonzalo Leonard are an AIESEC marriage from the Portugal MC (01-03). Andreia has joined the NY Hub Committee, and Gonzalo served on AI in 04.

Hareesh Menon (India 95) spearheads the New Jersey and Indian connections.

Cathy Shelton (Chicago 82), right, NY Hub Chair, tells Paola Sanchez (Colombia 03). ""We plan to continue our involvement in regional conferences. We’ll take best practices and lessons learned from this event and summer national to refine ways in which we can best support LCs and strengthen AIESEC

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