Seattle hub alumni gathered in October to hear AIESEC stories from two amazing alumni, Pedro Huerta (MCP Germany '96, PAI '97) and Ray Kemper (Tennessee, AIESEC US VP Southern Region '87-88). Pedro works at Amazon as Kindle Director of Content, and previously was President & CEO of Random House Mondadori Mexico. He shared insights on his work on Kindle in Latin America, as well as memories of his days at AI and AIESEC Germany. Ray works at Microsoft as Global Director Marketing for Bing Search Advertising, and previously served on the BOA of AIESEC Georgia Tech. Ray shared his career path starting with a traineeship for Mastercard in Chile, where he dodged tear gas during the Pinochet riots, and his boss was Sebastian Pinera (now president of Chile). Ray's other career highlights include a VIP pass at the 1996 Olympics, and several years as an expat in Latin America. In his current role at Microsoft in Bing, he has helped with job referrals for two alumni (Tina Rozul, San Jose; Frances Donegan-Ryan, Seattle).

Thank you to our speakers Pedro and Ray! Thanks also to Ray for hosting at his office. Our next alumni event goes to the eastside on Nov 7.

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