AIESEC Life Seattle hub met at Microsoft in November, with a presentation from Hanne Ockert-Axlesson (Seattle LCP 2012) about her experience in Egypt over the summer as Congress Committee VP for IC. Alumni also heard an LC update from LCVPs Chaps Lin and Colin Chang, and met the current Seattle trainees Monika Hamara from Poland and Krisha Maclang from the Philippines.

(L-R from top: Arcadiy Kantor (Georgia Tech); Martina Ji (Seattle); Zhi Wei Wan (Seattle); Lili Hein (Seattle); Dongzi Liu (Seattle); Colin Chang (Seattle); David Weber (Arizona); Frances Donegan-Ryan (Seattle); Angie Wu (Seattle); Chaps Lin (Seattle); Ahmad Farid (Egypt); Jim Dickeson (Wichita St); Tiffany Curtiss (Georgia Tech); Hanne Ockert-Axelsson (Seattle); Monika Hamara (Poland); Krisha Maclang (Philippines). Photo courtesy of Arcadiy Kantor and Gjorgji Gjeorgjievski

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