This week, as we are wrapping up our AIESEC Life membership drive, we want to give a BIG Thank You to our amazing core team members in Seattle HUB, who have devoted their time, efforts and resources in making this membership drive in Seattle a great success. We are proud to say that we are now leading the pack with AIESEC Life in raising new members and we hope to see the other HUBs catching up to us in our final week of membership drive!

As Lili Hein (Seattle Hub Leader) remarked with a big smile, ""I can't do it alone!"", I believe each one of our core team members pitched in. With however our busy schedule maybe and how mentality worn out our days went, we remember AIESEC Life in our lives in building a deeply connected network in this region. Our results so far is a show of ""How little stuff in life matters!"" We hope to continue our momentum in our last week of membership drive, and with the years to come.

November 3rd, 2012, we will be hosting our AIESEC Life Seattle Alumni Dinner together with AIESEC Seattle LC PEBBLES Conference. Together, we will be welcoming AIESEC LC New Members along with Alumni members alike. This is great opportunity to get to know our region at this event featuring special speakers and active members in sharing their experiences. For more detail, check out: http://aieseclife.org/groups/seattle/events/

Lastly, we'd like to share our Seattle Hub Core Team photos to remember our team work and group fun!

Apparently, we have been hard at work since September in brainstorming ideas and dividing tasks to make our membership drive a success. (I guess you really can't blame us for our solid results.)
To keep our momentum, we met in October with Arcadiy's (1st right in photo) help to secure a Microsoft Office looking over Greater Seattle Region in Bellevue, WA. With the beautiful sunset overlooking the lake and shores, we brainstormed some more!
Lili, I personally think this should be your new profile picture! We thank you for pulling this together!
AIESEC Life Seattle Hub is Looking on the Up Up!

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