The Seattle hub met with visiting NY hub leader Cathy Shelton at Dragonfish Café in Seattle in June. Alumni and LC members joined in to learn how to connect and give back locally. Along with our special guest from New York, Cathy Shelton, who brought great enthusiasm in sharing her experiences in building and growing the AIESEC Life NYC Hub, we also have found the Georgia Tech connection within our midst.

Pearl Li (AIESEC Seattle Alum 2006) stepped forward to join Lili Hein as co-leader of the Seattle Hub while keeping connected with current LCP Seattle Hanne Ockert-Axelsson ( Boland Award Recipient). With the help of all our members, active alums and friends, AIESEC Seattle HUB looks forward in building a wonderful year to enrich our AIESEC Life all around.

The AIESEC Georgia Tech Connection ( Arcadiy Kantor, Tiffany Curtiss, Ray Kemper) with AIESEC Seattle ( Lili Hein, Hanne Okert-Axelsson, Pearl Li, Frances Donegan-Ryan)
Cathy Shelton ( NYC Hub Leader) & Ray Kemper (Alum Georgia Tech)

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