*Late Recap Post, event took place Dec. 12, 2014* 

We had a wonderful and successful event at our fellow alumni Al and Patsy Merritt’s residence. Despite the chilly “Miami Winter” weather, we had a great turn out, about 40 alumni and members all gathered to celebrate AIESEC! 

Thank you to all that made it possible, all the alumni from five decades, members that are making magic happen at the local committee, trainees that drove all the way from Plantation Florida and specials guests for making this night as special as it was! Thank you again!

A special thank you to Johanna Cardoza (LCP 2015), Alex Campo (Vice President of External Relations 2015), Al and Patsy Merritt, Tom Browne, Gerardo Monsalve & Daniel Siclait for planning this event. 

Happy holidays and a happy new year!


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