Alumni and students alike enjoyed the rich interaction over this past weekend during the AIESEC Life Alumni Weekend in Miami Beach.  Over two dozen alumni and students gathered on Saturday, April 28 on the campus of Florida International University for an enjoyable Alumni Day. The agenda offered time for the alumni and students to mix over a savory lunch and then hear from the panel of experienced alumni on how AIESEC impacted their lives.

While all enjoyed the nuggets of wisdom offered by the alumni, the biggest smiles surfaced during the alumni:student scavenger hunt where the attendees hustled around the banquet room eager to find "individuals" of various profiles (ie, Find somone who has picked up a trainee from the airport.")   Later on, those smile turned to looks of serious concentration as several alumni stepped up and participated in a mock call session with the eager-to-learn students. Other alums gathered with AIESEC Life Executive Director, Karen Thigpen, in a neighboring conference room to discuss launching the new hub's calendar for the year.

Most importantly, the students walked away with a renewed sense of alumni support, inspiration for their AIESEC careers, and a handful of willing alumni candidates for their BOAs.

Later that evening, alumni and students reconvened on South Beach's infamous Ocean Drive to enjoy food, music and dancing at the highly-acclaimed Cuban eatery, Lario's on the Beach.   The energy brought to the dance floor that night left no question for any onlookers that the AIESECErs (of present and past) had, indeed, arrived and taken over. For the alumni there, it most certainly felt like old times.

Interested in getting involved in the Miami hub?  Contact hub leader Ivana Ruffner at

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