Alumni Spotlight: Patrick Evans - From the Military to Finance - A World to Explore

By Stephanie Stewart (Colorado1988)

Patrick joined the US Naval Reserves while still in high school in 1987. He shipped off to San Diego for basic training upon high school graduation and served as a US Navy Corpsman (2 years as an FMF Corpsman with the Marines and 6 years on the Navy side). Patrick's reserve unit was activated to the Persian Gulf just before Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm. He served as a "red shirt" on the flight deck of the USNS Mercy during the conflict. During this deployment, he had the opportunity to circumnavigate the globe and recalls, “We sailed back under the Golden Gate bridge which was most memorable and also crossed the equator in the Pacific Ocean, which was a great experience.” During his time in the Navy Patrick made port calls in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Dubai, Singapore and the Philippines.

Patrick attended Louisiana State University (LSU) and earned a degree in international trade and finance. He joined AIESEC LSU in 1989 and shortly thereafter attended his first AIESEC regional conference in Baton Rouge. “It was my first experience meeting AIESECers from across the country. I thought, wow, there are so many other globally-minded people out there. That certainly encouraged me to dive in and take a leadership role at LSU.” Patrick quickly became VP External and the following year he was elected LCP and served in that role for two years. "During my time at LSU, our LC was named a top ten local committee by AIESEC US each year." He explains, “LSU was a very strong LC. Martin Alvarez, my predecessor, did a great job of putting LSU on the map. We had a lot of very talented, dedicated members.” While Patrick was LCP, AIESEC LSU, was asked to develop and host a National Reception Center, which served as the first stop for numerous trainees from around the world as they arrived for their traineeships. Patrick was fortunate to attend three National Leadership Seminars and three National Conferences. “A lot of great travel, lifelong friends, and great memories.” 

After graduating, Patrick scored his dream job in Chicago. He became a market maker on the floor of the Chicago Board Options Exchange. For two years he traded equity options of major corporations like GE and Pepsi. He found that nearly all of his friends in Chicago were AIESECers. 

In the Fall of 1995, Patrick returned home to Dallas to work in wealth management. In July 2000 he moved his practice to PaineWebber, which was soon purchased by UBS, a Swiss bank. Patrick relocated with UBS to Houston in 2005 where he raised his two children, Santana and Sultan. Patrick's team, WTC Investment Group, expanded to the Dallas area in 2019 and Patrick returned home to lead the North Texas expansion efforts. Patrick's wealth management team manages nearly $300 million in global discretionary portfolios for clients. His business has been positively affected by his global perspective on the markets, "relative to our competition, we take a more global approach to managing client assets. This has been a significant catalyst for our success."  Patrick currently holds the titles of Senior Vice President-Wealth Management and Senior Portfolio Manager at UBS. He enjoys working for UBS explaining that the firm "offers the resources of the world's largest wealth management firm, but we are free to invest our client assets autonomously." 

Patrick loves to travel, having been to over 30 countries with many more on his wish list. He recently returned from 15 days in Chile, exploring Santiago, Chiloé Island, and hiking and camping in Patagonia. “It was spectacular,” he said. While there, he also experienced the recent rioting in Chile --at one point getting caught up in a demonstration gone bad in Puerto Montt, which was quashed with tear gas. Like many AIESECers, he aspires to travel more, “I have seen a lot of the world, but I always dream of seeing much more. I’ve seen such a small sliver of what is out there.” Patrick is working on completing visits to all 50 US states and visiting more national parks with his children. He has seven states to go! 

Being a sports fan, Patrick often travels to attend games. Both of his teenagers are basketball players and of course, he attends LSU football games. 

In 2015 Patrick's close friend, Daniele Lea, encouraged him to attend the AIESEC Life Founders Retreat in NYC and New Haven, CT to re-engage with the group. After that experience, he was hooked on AIESEC Life. Patrick joined the AIESEC Life Board of Directors in 2016. He says the group is doing great work and he hopes to further expand alumni outreach, promote awareness of AIESEC Life and encourage more alumni to further assist the mission of AIESEC US. 

Patrick estimates that he still keeps up with over 100 AIESECers, not counting his close LSU friends. There are probably 35-40 AIESECers around the world that he stays in touch with on a frequent basis. He says, “I think about my great friends that went to schools like Berkeley, Illinois, Colorado, Long Beach, Madison, etc. I never would have crossed paths with these amazing people if it wasn’t for AIESEC. These are people that I respect, admire, and often reach out to for advice and guidance. My 30-year AIESEC journey has been a true blessing in so many ways.”

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