Puerto Rico Study Tour

An incredible group of 25 alumni and their guests kicked off our first ever AIESEC Life Study Tour in Puerto Rico. From February 13-16 our group of like-minded, multi-generational AIESECers learned about Puerto Rico, her people and culture, and had an amazing time.  We hiked in the rain forest, helped with a reforestation project, kayaked at night in a bioluminescent lagoon, strolled the streets of Old San Juan, ate delicious local food (and rum!), and sailed with AIESEC PR alumni on a catamaran. It was a blast from start to finish!

The study tour was a reaffirming experience for many of us and showed us why we joined AIESEC in the first place and why we continue to live an AIESEC Life. Even today we perpetuate the belief that peace through business can break down borders and cultural barriers.  AIESEC provided us with leadership skills, deep friendships, and a positive world view – all of which were on full display during our tour of this beautiful island. We can’t wait for the second Study Tour and hope that even more AIESEC Life alumni can join us!

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Our new community platform and website is here! With a friendlier user experience, more ways to connect, and better engagement at the local and national levels, we expect our new website will encourage you to get further acquainted with AIESEC Life and get involved locally and nationally in our programs, charitable programs and enhance your network.  Check your email in-box for an invitation to join the new platform. Our community can only thrive and grow with member involvement so become an active user and help us take AIESEC Life to the next level! 

PlanT - Offset Your Carbon Footprint & Support AIESEC Alumni
and a Great Cause at the Same Time

One of the goals for the Puerto Rico Study Tour was to make it a sustainable trip and to offset our carbon footprint.  We partnered with fellow AIESEC alumni, Gaby Alvarez and Juan Carlos Ardila, who started the social organization, PLanT, to promote reforestation, carbon capture, and biodiversity.  AIESECers are globetotters and PlanT helps you travel with a climate conscience.  For as little as $10, you can offset the cost of your business or personal air miles and help plant trees in the cocoa-growing regions in Latin America.  AIESEC Life is a pilot program for PlanT, with the goal to have a grove of AIESEC Life trees planted altogether.  How cool is that?  Click here to participate. 

Alphia Korpela (AIESEC at Milwaukee) and Braden Cody (AIESEC at Yale)

JoAnn Boland Scholarship Winners

We are pleased to present our latest JoAnn Boland Scholarship winners: Alphia Korpela and Braden Cody.  Alphia is the LCP of AIESEC at Milwaukee where she is studying global management and Russian. Braden is studying cognitive science and serves as LCP for AIESEC at Yale. Both recipients were present at Winter National Conference (WNC) where AIESEC Life and AIESEC US board member, Andrew Lewis, presented the awards on January 3rd. 

Alphia and Braden are looking forward to their international conference attendance where life-changing moments happen for all AIESECers.  Thank You to our AIESEC Life alumni who support the JoAnn Boland Scholarship fund to make international conferences attainable for AIESEC youth.

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