The Monthly Look: September 2020 Newsletter

Fall Membership Campaign
Connecting with Lost Alumni

Our new AIESEC Life platform and online community have allowed us to offer many programs and services since we launched our website in March, just weeks before the global pandemic hit.  We ran a successful summer internship program for AIESEC students, we've held over a dozen virtual events featuring a breadth of speakers and topics, we mobilized an online fundraising campaign for AIESEC US and provided a new way for alumni to connect.  But we still only have a small fraction of our 4,000+ US-based alumni activated on our platform. 

This Fall, help us find lost alumni and put them on our global map!  Your efforts won't go unrewarded.  We'll offer 1st, 2nd & 3rd place prizes to the members who invite the most alums to join AND to the members whose outreach produces the most activations on the platform

1st Place:  A 2021 Study Tour
Registration Fee ($350 Value)

     2nd Place: A One-of-a-Kind
AIESEC Life T-shirt

    3rd Place: Limited Edition 2020
AIESEC Life Face Mask

Start digging through your contacts for your old AIESEC friends and invite them to join our alumni community.  Instructions will be sent via email beginning in October.  Help us extend our powerful alumni network by doubling our active users. We want AIESEC Life to be THE place for alumni to connect, collaborate, and contribute!

Enrich an AIESECer's Life... and Your Own 

Alumni have so much to share with the next generation of AIESECers - your experience, your insight, your time, and most importantly, your passion for AIESEC.  One of our cornerstone projects is the Alumni Mentorship Program. It will run between January and June 2021 and consist of a minimum of six topic-driven calls with your mentee. Mentors will cover subjects like networking, getting the most out of the AIESEC experience, job interviews, and managing change in the workplace.  These relationships are a key step in guiding the future of young people. To benefit from our new platform, mentees will initiate the selection process on The first step for Mentors is to become a Premium member and update your profile.  Mentees will look at your profile to understand your career path so please complete your profile as thoroughly as possible.  Click here to learn more and thank you for answering the call!

Virtual A-Group to
Begin November 5th

Started over a decade ago by AIESEC Alumni International (AAI),  A-Groups consist of 12-14 AIESEC alumni who become a trusted advisory board for each other. The team provides career advice, input on dealing with professional and personal challenges, mentoring, and industry knowledge – which are invaluable for professionals to develop as leaders.  A-Group members are multigenerational, gender diverse, represent many industries, and commit to a firm confidentiality agreement. Our Houston hub is kicking off a Virtual A-Group and inviting AIESEC Life members to join. Expect to build a tight group that will discuss a range of diverse topics, sharing different viewpoints and perspectives. Click here to learn more and to register. The first session will take place on November 5th.


Member Survey

This survey is short and sweet - we promise!  Provide valuable input by clicking here to complete our member survey. Your feedback is important to us and will help us better serve our alumni community. Speaking of serving... we need smart, committed, and fun-loving AIESEC volunteers to help us keep our small non-profit running. To engage our younger alumni, improve our website user experience, host hub events that interest you, run professional internship and mentorship programs -- these all require time and talent. Consider donating some of your time to our alumni association.  Thank you!  

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