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This fall, invite your AIESEC friends (we know you made many) to become a part of our online community. The person who invites the most alumni to join the platform could win a free spot on the 2021 AIESEC Life Study Tour, an AIESEC Life t-shirt, or face mask! BONUS: Thanks to a generous $2,000 pledge from Board members Patrick Evans and Peter Stewart, we are offering two years for the price of one to the first 40 new Premium Members ($50/year). Benefits include:

  • Full access to our global map of alumni
  • Ability to participate in our Mentorship and Internship programs
  • Participation in A-Groups
  • Ability to post job opportunities on our Careers page
  • Support our scholarships and services for today's AIESECers

Click here for contest instructions and prize information. Click here to become a Premium member and get two years for the price of one. Hurry - the contest and offer ends November 18th!


Virtual Events

Want to make an immediate impact on your LC? Join MCP Renée Osaigbovo and Eric Anderson, Chairman of the AIESEC U.S. Board of Directors, for an update from AIESEC US and to talk about how you can best help your LC.

All current Local Committee BOA members, and alumni who are interested in supporting an active LC, are encouraged to attend. Register here


The greatest challenge facing executives in corporations, government, and nonprofits is misaligned employees. Today's leaders need the right person doing the right work. Join us on November 12th at 2:00pm PT when Kathleen Schafer, CEO of The Human Being store, will share how organizations can help individuals find satisfaction in their contributions and fulfillment in their roles. Register here


Programs & Services


Giving Tuesday is December 1st and AIESEC will be a part of this global day of giving. What organization has changed your life more than AIESEC? Give back and help us be ready to hit the ground running once exchange is back, J1 Visas are being issued again and conferences are in-person. The world needs AIESECers now more than ever! Contribute on Giving Tuesday and we'll thank you with some cool AIESEC merch. Keep your eyes open for our FB and IG donation pages or click here to support early. Don't forget to check our matching gift search tool to find out if your employer will match your Giving Tuesday donation.



With traditional exchange at a standstill, AIESEC US and six AIESEC LCs are adapting to this crisis and have stepped up to participate in the Virtual Professional Program. The VPP will help companies source young talent for short-term projects, diversifying the work environment and company culture. Programs span between 6 and 12 weeks and focus primarily on business administration, business development, and marketing with our global partners in Mexico, Brazil and Columbia. The fee to post the opportunity on the AIESEC platform and source the intern is $1,200 per Exchange Participant. Wages need to be at least the minimum wage of the country from which the exchange participant is operating. AIESEC Miami, Michigan, Northwestern, San Jose, UCLA and Washington D.C. are leading the pilot under direction from Marina Manova, Incoming Global Exchange Director for AIESEC US. If you are interested in learning more about the program, please contact Marina at




As young AIESECers develop their Local Committees, enter the workforce, and navigate their early careers, the guidance of a Mentor has never been so vital. Whether you want to share your experience with an AIESEC student or recent grad, or if you are ready to start the journey as a Mentee, we invite you to join the program!

The Alumni Mentorship Program will run January to June 2021 and consist of a minimum of 6 topic-driven virtual meet-ups between mentors and mentees. You will cover subjects like networking, getting the most out of your AIESEC experience, job interviewing, and managing change in the workplace. Deadline to register: November 23, 2020. Mentor selection deadline: December 4, 2020.

The Mentorship Program is a benefit of paid membership. Click here to learn more and enroll. Answer the call and become an AIESEC Mentor (or Mentee) in 2021!

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