AIESEC Alumni Asia Pacific Presents "Speak to Inspire" with Sharon Natoli

AIESEC Alumni Asia Pacific Regional A-Talk #6

Today, the ability to retain, engage and build brand value relies on the ability of leaders to communicate in a way that nourishes connection and inspires action. But.. in a world full of uncertainties and restrictions, how can we still act upon the UN Sustainable Development Goals, as AIESECers and members of the AIESEC alumni community?

In this A-talk, Sharon Natoli, Founding Director of Food & Nutrition Australia (est. 1997), will outline the key ingredients for inspirational communication and demonstrate how leaders can leverage the UN Sustainable Development Goals as the basis for developing messages and values that connect and inspire.

Date: Sunday, February 21st, 2021
Time: 8PM AEST, 2:30PM IST, 9AM GMT

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