PlanT Reforestation: Making Carbon offsets accessible to individual farms and small projects

AIESEC Alum Gabby Alvarez is thrilled to announce that PlanTReforestation and Hacienda La Tentación will plant, 1000 trees on behalf of Thomas MalnightThis is 117’000 Kg of oxygen released per year, equal to the oxygen consumed by 45 people in the same period! Over their lifetime, it is also expected the trees will capture up to 140 mt of CO2. That’s 32 times the average annual footprint of a person residing in Switzerland!

Thomas’s trees will join over 40’000 trees that have been already planted by PlanTreforestation friends Green Furniture Concept, La Garde and the citizens of Bourg-en-Bresse, AIESEC Life US Alumni, and NoName Chocolate among others! Take a look at the trees here! We are very grateful for the support of this initiative and very thankful for the contribution made by PlanTreforestation friends to our planet!

Read the article here.

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